baby must-haves (0-6 months)

This is it… My holy grail of baby must-haves.

Now that baby #2 is almost 6 months, I figured I would fill you in on my most used items for the first 6 months of baby’s life. If I don’t use it almost daily, I didn’t include it. If I use it daily, but I am not obsessed with it (cough, baby monitor & bottle warmer, cough) then I also didn’t include it.

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1. Bath

Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash– I used to use Mustela and then I found out that it isn’t very organic or baby safe. I now use Tubby Todd and although it’s expensive, I just feel better that I am using one of the safest shampoos on my babies.

Baby Bath Support– I love this bath support for our nightly baths.

Waterfall Rinse Cup– Babies don’t like water in their eyes. This helps rinse their hair without that issue.

Hooded Baby Towel– This baby towel is so soft and adorable.

2. On-The-Go

Portable Changing Mat– I honestly don’t know what to say about this. Babies pee and poop. You leave the house. You must change their diaper. This helps you do that without giving your kids some weird disease.

Diaper Backpack– Ok all you bitches who get those fancy diaper bags, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! This is the BEST way to travel around with your babies for many reasons: 1. It is a backpack so you have your hands free to wrangle your babies. 2. It is large enough to fit everything you and your babies need. 3. It has this thing that makes it open really easily so you can see inside the whole bag. 4. It is cheap as hell so when it inevitably gets so gross, you won’t care. 5. It is actually pretty hipster looking.

Uppababy Stroller System– I have gone back and forth on whether I wish I had gotten a different stroller system. However, now after 2 kids and 6 months, I am completely positive that my decision to get the Uppababy stroller system was the right decision. It just so versatile that is completely worth it. I personally do not travel much, so I think this stroller system was the right one.

Thule Jogging Stroller– I did so much research on jogging strollers. If you are an avid runner, I highly recommend this one. We got the double as a gift, and I look forward to going for a walk now.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier – I am not a big fan of wearing my baby. It really hurts my back and I would much rather push a stroller. However, I do love this carrier and I have tried a few. If you love wearing, this is the best one in my opinion!

3. Sleep

Newton Breathable Mattress– THIS IS BY FAR, HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE PRODUCT ON THE LIST. I only wish I would have bought it when Noah was born. It was a 3am purchase after Faye kept flipping to her stomach all night. Both my kids are tummy sleepers and this mattress is completely breathable, so I never have to worry if my kids are suffocating. I legit stick my face on it and can still breathe. I would pay the hefty price tag over and over again.

Ollie Swaddle– I have said it before, and I will say it again… This is BY FAR the best swaddle it the market. So simple, sleek and effective. Don’t even pretend to try another one.

Kyte Sleep Sack– Once your baby outgrows the swaddle (around 3-4 months), you will want a sleep sack to keep the baby warm. This one is so soft and delicious- you will understand when you touch it. I have a million different kinds including the million dollar woolino, but nothing compares to the Kyte in my opinion.

Marpac Hushh Portable Sound Machine– First of all, you NEED a sound machine. The minute Faye hears the white noise, her eyes start drifting. Second of all, I have tried multiple sound machines including the Hatch one with a nightlight and the Dohm. The Marpac is my favorite. It is loud, portable, and easy to use. When you have a newborn baby, you will want something portable to be able to leave the house once in a blue moon.

Footed Onesie– No, this isn’t some fancy onesie. You’re friends won’t be like- OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?! But these Carter onesies are tried and true. They are cheap, so you won’t mind getting a ton of them in every size so you have to do less laundry. They are durable, so you can hand them down to two different people and they will still look like new. They are the perfect thickness, so you won’t wonder if the baby is too cold or too hot. They are zippered and easy to use. Just buy them and thank me later.

4. Food/Boobs

Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer– My postpartum anxiety really flares up when it comes to my baby getting sick. Knowing all her bottle stuff and my pump parts are sterilized and clean makes me feel so much better. This sterilizer and dryer is amazing and fits so much stuff. Highly recommend!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump– I love this pump. When I still had an oversupply, I would just suction it to my other breast while feeding Faye and save that milk rather than having it leak all over me. When I started work, I actually used this pump rather than an electric one because it was just a lot easier to pack and clean. If I am going out, I simply toss this in my purse in case of emergencies. It is really so easy and works great!

Breast Milk Storage– Storing breastmilk can be chaos. It can take up your entire freezer if you aren’t careful. However, if you properly store it in one of these, you will be much more organized and clean. (Please note that you have to use bags that freeze flat! I use the Target brand bags)

ComoTomo Bottles– These are great bottles that really mimic the breast. I will say, the difference between flow sizes is severe. Going from Level 1 to Level 2 is basically like submerging your baby in a waterfall, so between levels, we switch to Dr. Brown’s, which basically acts like a .5 level (Dr. Brown’s Level 1 is essentially like ComoTomo Level .5 and Dr. Brown’s Level 2 is like a ComoTomo Level 1.5). At 5 months, we are on ComoTomo Level 2. I know it seems complicated, but so is life.

Bamboobie– Ok so for those who don’t know, when you are nursing, you leak milk. When you leak milk, you are uncomfortable. So we don’t want to leak. You really have two options: a reusable breast pad or a disposable one. The disposable ones are SOOOO uncomfortable. Conclusion: Get the Bamboobies. I might wear them forever honestly since they are so soft on my nipples.

Bravado Nursing Bra– This is my favorite nursing bra. I wear it everyday. That is all.

Medela Pump in Style– This pump is a good one. I love that you can take it on the go, which his really helpful for airplane rides or long car rides.

Sleeping Bra– Ok so around 5 months, I was finally able to sleep without a bra without waking up covered in milk. I hate sleeping with a bra though, because I find it extremely uncomfortable. This Kindred bra was the only one I was comfortable sleeping with. You obviously have to add the Bamboobies to avoid the waking up covered in milk problem.

Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula– Both of my kids don’t digest dairy very well (although I wonder what newborn actually does). The hypoallergenic formulas in the U.S. taste like actual vomit. After doing some research, it turns out the European formulas are much cleaner (no surprise!) and taste closer to breastmilk. I highly recommend the Hipp HA Pre. Hipp is the brand, HA means hypoallergenic, and Pre is the stage of it (aka no starch added to be more filling). I kept Noah on this formula until he was about 14 months and never used the formula with the starch. I let him fill up from the added food he ate.

5. Play

Baby Bouncer Chair– Not any bouncer chair… ONLY this bouncer chair. Don’t ask me why. I tried the cool, sleek $200 Baby Bjorn. I tried the colorful one that transitions to other types of chairs. The kids just love this one. Both Faye and Noah only calm down in this chair and it saves my life so I can take care of Noah while Faye sits in peace.

Black and White Toys and This Toy Too– I never know what to do with newborns. After they stop sleeping all day, I find it really hard to entertain them (especially when its the 7th layer of hell outside in the summer in Houston). These toys keep my babies so entertained and I like knowing they are being stimulated by something so I can watch some Bravo.

6. Love

Wubbanub Pacifier– Ok so this paci is Noah’s life. Faye, however, took a long time to get used to the paci. I think her mouth was smaller and it would tire her jaw. However, once she was ready, I tried EVERY pacifier. I tried to use those cool hipster looking ones, but she hated them. The tried and true Wubbanub was all she would end up taking.

Lovey Blanket– My kids adore these little lovey blankets. They are so soft and sweet. I highly recommend getting them attached to a little blanket for comfort. When Noah was adjusting to school, it was his little ties to home and the teacher said to send it everyday because it was helping him adjust.

7. Medical/Poop

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream– Faye gets horrible diaper rashes. I am talking white blisters ALL OVER. I kid you not when I say we have tried about 10 different rash creams. The doctor prescribed two different kinds, and nothing worked. Then my housekeeper said that Dr. Smith’s is the only one that actually works and turns out she was right. I use it every night on Faye and we haven’t had a diaper rash since then.

Fridababy Medicine Dropper– If you’ve ever tried giving a child medicine, then you are fully aware that sticky medicine will likely spill all over your child and half of it will be spit out. with this pacifier medicine dropper, the baby has no idea they are even getting medicine and the medicine goes straight to the back of their throat (bypassing the tongue almost) and there is no mess. I honestly would pay $100 for this item if they would let me.

Fridababy Snot Sucker– Baby snot is the worst. You just want to be like “BLOW YOUR NOSE,” but unfortunately they cannot. I personally love the bulb syringe, but it is way less effective and bothers my babies a lot. The Fridababy snot sucker is simple, effective, and doesn’t bother the baby too much.

Water Wipes– These wipes are where it’s at. I wouldn’t want to wipe my coochie with chemicals, so I don’t want to do that to my own kids. These are simply just water and grapefruit extract, which makes it really gentle on the baby, so you will never wonder if a rash is from the wipes.

Probiotics with Vitamin D– My doctor always says that all babies have a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency, so he always recommends Vitamin D after birth. Also, babies who have never had to eat before now have to drink your breastmilk and their tummies get upset. Probiotics help. This combo is my favorite bc you don’t have to worry about two different medications to add to a bottle.

Gripe Water– Faye always sleeps better after some gripe water.

Mylicon Gas Relief– This is for those nights you eat a lot of queso and beans and your baby is gonna feel it.

Changing Pad– You need one of these. This is a good one.

Wipe Warmer– I will never understand why people say this item isn’t necessary. When your newborn pooped in the middle of the night, and you could use a warm wipe to clean it or a cold wipe and startle the baby and wake it up, wouldn’t you choose the warm wipe?

Nail Clipper– This nail clipper is awesome. It is some different technology and I am here for it.

Butt Paste Applicator– I HATE putting on butt paste. That stuff will stick to your finger for days. The applicator really is so helpful.

What are your favorite baby items? Comment below!











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