mommy & baby hospital packing list

I love packing for the hospital weeks ahead of time and unpacking & repacking before the baby comes. I don’t know why, but it is just so exciting! As a fresh mother of 2, I would consider myself a pro at this point.

I am normally a believer that less is more, but in terms of the hospital bag, I love having options for optimal comfort. Download PDF here.

Here are my favorites for MOM: 

Adult diapers– I know, I know, you are above adult diapers. BUT NO YOU ARE NOT. Everyone raves about the hospital mesh panties, but I find the adult diapers a lot easier to maneuver and a lot more comfortable. I live in them for weeks postpartum and find them completely necessary for the hospital.

Pajamas– These are by far the easiest and comfiest pajamas for breastfeeding, especially in the first few days when that baby is on your boob

Hospital gown– My most FAQ after giving birth was where I got my hospital gown from and why. After having my first baby, I knew what happened in that hospital gown and I refused to wear one again. It also helped to feel a little better when going through labor.

Cooling perineal cold packs– No extra words necessary. Put these in your adult diapers. I know, we are really sexy postpartum.

Pillow– Bringing your own pillows is so so so important. Those beds are extremely uncomfortable and having your own pillows makes it a bit more bearable. I would recommend buying these cheap ones and just leaving them at the hospital so you don’t have to worry about them if they get dirty.

Socks with grips– I absolutely loved having these fun socks at the hospital. I got multiple pairs for the few days at the hospital. My entire leg was numb for 3 weeks postpartum so they were actually really helpful to make sure I didn’t slip since I didn’t have full control of my legs.

Long iPhone charger– Again, those first few days you will be breastfeeding a lot and it gets pretty boring. You will be on your phone the whole time and you will need a long charger since outlets are few and far between.

Nipple cream– Breast-feeding hurts. Nipple cream helps. This nipple cream had clean ingredients, which is important when it comes to what your baby will be putting in their mouth.

Here are my favorite for BABY:

Ollie swaddle– I am so bad at swaddling. The Ollie swaddle is the only one I can figure out. I actually just hired a night nurse who said she had never used it and she is a firm believer now. She said she noticed a huge change in Faye’s disposition when she used it as opposed to blanket swaddles.

Baby book– You’re going to want to make sure you have the baby book so that you can do the baby’s footprint in the book. My labor and delivery nurse said that the book I brought (and linked) was her favorite book she has seen.

CBR Cord Blood box- If you plan on saving your baby’s cord blood for potential stem cell therapy, CBR makes it really easy to sign up and get your box. The hospital took care of everything for us, we just handed over the box to the nurse as soon as we got in. I am a FIRM believer in stem cell therapy since my whole family has done it and seen positive results. I believe it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potentially life-saving things like this. If you use my link, you will receive a free year storage, which is such a great savings!

Nursing cover– Everyone loves those nursing covers that also cover the carseat, but I HATE THOSE. I feel like my babies are suffocating in those. My sister in law gave me her old ones that are more open and still let you see the baby as you are feeding. Whenever guests came over to the hospital, I just threw this on and continued my 24/7 breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding pillow– This pillow is the best for breastfeeding. It allows you to be hands free if you need to grab some water or just want to relax for a bit.

Baby gowns– Newborns are really freaking little. It is terrifying to change them all day. Gowns make it a lot easier to change their diapers 24/7 while also being easier to dress the newborn in. I swear by Kissy Kissy gowns. They are so soft, comfortable, and they last forever.



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