toddler packing list

(skip ahead for downloadable PDF version of the list)

Packing for kids is hard and stressful… If you are anything like me, you start thinking of everything weeks in advance and stressing over it. There are just so many little, last-minute items that it can become really easy to forget a simple item.

Aryan & I have traveled with Noah near (Austin) and far (Dubai), and we always use our trusty packing list to ease the stress. I honestly can’t live without it now, and I have never been a list person. Many times there are some last minute things (sound machine or monitor) that we have to pack and when I don’t have my list to refer to, I inevitably forget something and blame Aryan (of course).

I have put together a toddler packing list for you all. It is a bit different than the baby packing list, which I will also work on, since there are more food items and less bottle items.

You can download the PDF below for your reference:

Toddler Packing List



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