postpartum essentials

“For the next two weeks, you’re going to feel like you’re literally recovering from a car accident, but instead of nursing you back to health, we’re sending you home to be the primary caretaker for someone you just met five seconds ago who is also recovering from a car accident. Here are some mesh panties and a squirt bottle.”

-The hospital after birth

I don’t know about you, but I was so terrified to take Noah home… so much so that I asked the nurses if they could let me stay an extra night. They said no, which was RUDE. So Aryan & I spent 30 minutes attempting putting Noah in his car seat, drove home, cried a few tears as we stepped into the house for the first time as a family, and started the recovery/life process. Somehow you do it and the child somehow makes it out alive and it is beautiful and you forget about those blissful (albeit painful days) and you do it all over again with another child.

I was in such ecstasy for the first few days that I almost forgot that part of my body had been ripped open until I would hobble to the toilet and remember as I pulled my adult diaper off. I can’t help your vagina get better faster, but I can tell you the things that got me through the first few weeks of that newborn life…

10 postpartum necessities


  1. Wubbanub – This pacifier is life… I am convinced Noah will be 21 at the bar with this pacifier still in his mouth. There is nothing to stop a crying newborn baby like a boob, but when you can’t take one more second of a human latched to your body, the pacifier will get the job done.
  2. Seamless maternity tank top– I am no longer breastfeeding, but I am actually wearing this as I type this tank post. I bought 7 of these tanks & that still wasn’t enough- mostly since my boobs were a leaky faucet I could NOT turn off.
  3. Rock n Play– I bought every bouncer and Instagram-worthy rocker when a friend finally said to throw those all away and get this. I ended up buying 3 of these things to keep in every room. It always bought us a few more hours of sleep.
  4. Soothies gel pads- No one’s boobs are prepared for breastfeeding… There is no greater feeling than these pads, fresh out of the fridge, on your sore cracked nipples.
  5. Brest Friend – I have seen a million types of these things, but this is the best one by far. You can walk around with this puppy on and be sure your baby will be comfortable laying on top. Even Aryan used this bad boy to hold Noah.
  6. Ollie swaddle – I tried probably 8 different swaddles. Then at 3am one morning, I was watching Insta-stories and Cameron (from Southern Charm) posted that this helped her baby sleep better, because she couldn’t bust out of it… I immediately purchased it. Although it is a pricier swaddle, it is the only one you need… Your child will not bust out of it and that will hopefully get you a few more minutes of sleep.
  7. Magnetic Me Onesie- This might just look like your regular footie onesie, but let me assure you, this is the holy grail of all onesies! Why? There is no zipper or buttons… This is a magnet onesie! When you’re blackout from exhaustion at 4am, rest assured that this onesie will be a breeze when changing your newborn’s diaper.
  8. Perineal pads – You’re welcome. These cold pads will cool down your newly ripped vagina & will feel magical. I honestly don’t know how else to explain it.
  9. Snacks– My go to snacks were Poptarts. You will want snacks next to your bed, on your couch, next to where you breastfeed and in the baby’s room. You never know when that baby will fall asleep after you’ve been breastfeeding and you will be STARVING but unable to move. Make sure you get your go-to snack & keep it everywhere.
  10. Halo bassinet– The last thing you want is a baby falling asleep in your arms when you’re sleeping (not safe!) or walking back and forth to a crib when you are recovering from a car accident childbirth. This bassinet is incredible for those first few months- it swivels so you can easily cuddle that baby close to you or get up to use the restroom. The side also lowers so you don’t have to stand up to grab the baby, which makes a huge difference.
  11. Eberjey pajama pants– I remember everyone saying they lived in leggings and tank tops, and while the latter is true, I didn’t want anything to do with leggings in those first few weeks. For one, they were not flattering (especially with adult diapers on), but mostly I wanted nothing touching my battle wounds (aka vagina). If you haven’t tried Eberjey pajamas, you aren’t living. They are the most comfortable things I own and are great for those postpartum days.
  12. Nipple shields– I was seconds away from quitting breastfeeding until I found these nipple shields. They truly saved my breasts when I couldn’t take much more. Essentially they are silicone covers for you nipples to help with soreness (understatement for me), inverted or flat nipples, and an overactive letdown. I bought about 12 of these and just kept it at my bedside for every feeding. Once my nipples healed, I was able to wean off of them.
  13. Lalabu soothe shirt– I seriously still laugh at the image of Aryan & I attempted to wear Noah in a wrap. We never were able to do it. Thankfully this shirt was a fool proof way to wear Noah in the first few weeks. No matter how upset he was, once I put him in this shirt, he would immediately calm down.

What were your favorite items that got you through the first few days/weeks of motherhood? Comment below!








1 thought on “postpartum essentials

  1. Be sure and stock up on a few backup wubs…. we’ve gone through about 10 in 3+ years (mainly giraff and doggie). When they get old enough they will start chewing on them so you have to be carefull and have a backup!


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