best stroller and carseat combination


Initially this blog post started as a baby must-have list… I decided to start with stroller and car seats and realized I had a lot to say about the subject, so I will do two separate lists with this one as being a deep dive into my thoughts on strollers/car seats.

The number of brands and types of strollers is BEYOND overwhelming. There are truly endless options, and they can break the bank if you buy multiple types. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible with what I have done (after HOURS UPON HOURS of research), and what I would have done if my scenario was a bit different.

Most versatile:

Uppababy Vista Bundle ($1,280)

The Vista is the most versatile stroller that I have found. It is very sturdy and is great if you want multiple kids (which I knew I wanted close in age). This stroller works from newborns to older kids, so this is a great long-term investment. It also comes with a bassinet, which Noah slept in during every trip we went on until he grew out of it. It is also great on any road or sidewalk, so you won’t get nervous that you are shaking your baby on cobblestone. That being said, it is pretty heavy and bulky, as it should be if it can fit 3 kids comfortably. Also, you will have to buy another car seat when your baby grows out of the infant Mesa car seat around a year of age, which is the case for any stroller, since car seats for older kids are too heavy to be held by a stroller. Just a quick note on the Mesa car seat- it is the only flame-retardant infant car seat, which was a huge plus for me!


Best for infants:

Doona Infant Stroller ($500)

If I knew I was having kids further apart in age or just had $500 to spare, I would get the Doona stroller. I say further in age, because there is no option for 2 kids in this car seat/stroller combination. Noah is only going to be 19 months when our second baby is born, so he won’t be able to walk the entire mall on his own, so this stroller wouldn’t fit our needs. It may not seem like a big deal to attach the car seat to a stroller when going out, but anything less you have to do with a child, the better, which is why I would buy it if I was having 1 child or kids further apart in age. However, you will need another stroller once the baby outgrows the Doona around a year old as well as a bigger car seat. If I were to go this route, my second stroller would be a travel stroller…


Best travel stroller:

Gb Pockit Stroller ($165)/ Babyzen YoYo($500)

I did SO much research on travel strollers… I have them all memorized by heart. After much deliberation, I went with the Pockit, because it was much more budget friendly for having already splurged on the Uppababy Vista. However, I was reallytorn between the Pockit & the YoYo.

Here is the difference between the two… The Pockit Stroller is the lightest stroller (9.5 lbs) on the market and it folds up so small that you are able to fit it in the overhead bin of a plane or under the car seat in the back seat. It is SO tiny, light, and easy that I don’t get anxious going out with Noah knowing I can just pop it open and closed with ease. The disadvantages are that you cannot recline (which wasn’t a big deal for us since Noah won’t sleep anywhere but his crib), there is essentially no storage space, and there is barely a shade. However, for the price, I was willing to forego all those things for a light and easy everyday stroller that I can also take on trips. I wouldn’t take Noah for a long walk with this stroller though, I would always pick my Vista for that.

As for the Yoyo, it has the best reviews. It also is light (13 lbs), folds down really small (though not as small as the Pockit) and can fit in an overhead bin. It does have a recline and a nice shade, so it really does it all, but at almost quadruple the price. However, I will say if I knew I wasn’t having more than 1 child or kids further in age, I would get the Doona AND the Yoyo. Combined (plus a Fisher-Price bassinet rocker), they about the same price of the Vista.


Best jogging stroller:

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller ($350)/ Thule Urban Glide ($480)

I have a hand-me-down of the Bob and I love it. It is extremely smooth and has nice storage space if I need to take Noah’s snacks with me. Noah is very comfortable in this stroller. It is pricey, but less expensive than the “it” jogging stroller, the Thule. I have never used the Thule, but I wanted to add it as an option. I have done extensive research, and this has been the best reviewed jogging stroller, which would explain the high price tag.

A jogging stroller is not necessary unless you tend to run outside a lot. I knew I wanted to invest in an everyday and travel stroller, so I wasn’t willing to put money into a jogging stroller (just luckily got one for free). However, if you know you will jog a lot and not travel, you can forego the travel stroller. If you won’t do either, you don’t need either!




Once your baby grows out of the infant car seat, you will want to get a bigger one. My advice would be to get a convertible car seat, which could even fit an infant. If you go that route, you can have one car seat for each car for you and your spouse (for the first year at least).

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 car seat ($240)

I did a lot of research and found that this was constantly being voted as a very comfortable car seat among multiple reviews. We do a lot of longer car rides (to Austin), so comfort was huge for me! Additionally, it worked from newborn years to booster seats for 10-year-olds, so it lasts forever (hence the name). It has so many different settings to adjust for comfort. We absolutely love it, so we got a second one for our second baby. The only con I have is that it is hard to clean.


Chicco NextFit Zip ($300)

A friend recommended this car seat that is also supposedly comfortable and really easy to clean… you can just zip off the seat pad and throw it in the wash. If that is really important to you, I would go with this option!


I hope this helps!

What is your favorite stroller or car seat that I am missing? Comment below!



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