pregnancy essentials

Being pregnant is HARD. Harder than actually having a child in my own experience. When I was thinking of things I have needed & loved during this pregnancy and while I was pregnant with Noah, my immediate reaction was comfort and sleep. Comfort is hard when you are carrying a human bowling ball inside of you. However, there are some items that can definitely make the environment a bit more bearable. Sleep is almost non-existent when you have pregnancy insomnia and a toddler to chase after (when people who are not pregnant and/or have a toddler tell me they are tired, I actually want to punch them). Thus, when you can get sleep, I have listed a few items to make sure you are able to stay asleep.

bare organics

1. Batiste – For the times where showering is just too exhausting, this is hands-down, by-far, the best dry shampoo ever. Who needs a shower when you can sleep in?

2. Pregnancy pillow– This pregnancy pillow has saved my sleep. I had a different one (the infamous Snoogle) the first time around, but I didn’t love it. It was too hot and just not as comfortable for me. However, this one does all the things in all the right places.

3. Align Lululemon leggings – Butter. These leggings are butter on your legs. They look good on everyone and there is a reason they are one of Lululemon’s best sellers. I have bought 4 of them so far (Aryan cringes every time he gets a Lululemon charge). I would size up 2 or 3 sizes to fit your pregnant belly!

4. Zantac – I have a new obsession with spicy food this pregnancy (seriously give me every spicy pickle on this planet), which also means I have some serious heartburn. These bad boys are pregnancy approved and a life saver.

5. Spanx bra – I don’t know about yall, but my boobs during pregnancy are SO sensitive. I can barely have anything touching them, let alone a bra with a seam. I mean if Aryan gets close to them, he knows he will LITERALLY get slapped in the face. This Spanx bralette is the best pregnancy bra for comfort, while still keeping it sexy.

To avoid stretch marks, I use the following duo and they worked with my first pregnancy:

6. Bio Oil

7. Cocoa Butter 

8. Unisom – Unisom will be your best friend for both nausea in your first trimester and for some insomnia in your third trimester. My doctor actually told me it was initially made for pregnant patients, which makes me feel so much better about putting it in my body.

9. Sleep mask – Pregnancy insomnia is real, but a sleep mask makes falling back asleep a lot easier. I use a 10 year old one that is probably going to rot my eyes out soon, but this one had great reviews.

10. Jessica Simpson Maternity Jeans – When you are tired of wearing leggings every single day, these maternity jeans will make you feel semi-human again. I know, I know, you are thinking “J. Simps with the cankles?” but nothing like a celebrity who owns her cankles to understand how to make a an amazingly comfortable, yet flattering jean for us moms to be.

Do yall have any of these? What have been your favorite products or items while pregnant?



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