life update- january 2019

I’m backkkkkkk…

A few years ago, I had started my blog and absolutely loved documenting snippets of my life. It became a fun hobby and if someone read what I wrote and found it helpful/entertaining, well then, all the better. Then I got a job at a startup in San Francisco while taking classes to finish my master’s and found that not only did I not have time to keep up my blog, but I also had zero inspiration, since my life consisted of work, study, and sleep. Fast forward to a few years, I am juggling a baby, being pregnant, working part time, and just trying to stay alive, but now I am full of inspiration. Lately, I have found myself writing “posts” in my head in the shower or before I fall asleep (you know you talk to yourself too). With a little push from some amazing Instagram friends, I figured it was time to restart this thing & give yall a little peak into the life of Shushu Sameri….

Starting a blog is like a workout, the first one is always the hardest. So, I decided to keep it easy this time and just give yall a little life update.

I look back on the past 5 years since Aryan and I got married, and I honestly just laugh. It seems so adventurous and a lifetime ago, especially at the stage of life we are at now. Long story short, this is what happened….

  • Aryan & I got married in Houston.


  • We moved to Boston where he pursued his MBA & I worked from home and started taking classes (that would eventually become my master’s).

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.08.08 pm

  • We took advantage of the flexibility & traveled the world as much as we could & depleted our savings account.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.08.37 pm

  • Aryan was graduating, so we decided it would be a great idea to move to San Francisco to join the startup tech movement. Aryan continued to work as a consultant and traveled every week, but I fulfilled the startup tech dream (which I found out is brutal).

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 1.10.52 PM.png

  • I found out I was pregnant & legit panicked about raising a child in SF. I realized we needed to move back to Houston (where our family lives) ASAP.Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 1.11.34 PM.png
  • My boss agreed to let me work remotely from Houston & Aryan got a transfer from his company & we moved a year after getting to SF (bittersweet).

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 1.07.28 PM.png

  • I had a brutallll pregnancy (more on that in later posts) and was essentially bed ridden for a few months (sorry this is the only photo I have saved of that time).


  • My company failed a day before Noah was born so I was out of a job with no maternity leave.
  • We had our lovely baby boy, NOAH!


  • Aryan & I took about two months off as we figured out parenthood (his company has great paternity leave).

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 4.13.16 PM.png

  • Aryan went back to work (aka traveling every Sunday night through Thursday night to various cities around the U.S.) and I started classes back up to finish my master’s.


  • I quickly realized I did not want to live alone with a newborn baby all week while taking classes, so I moved into my parent’s home for the extra hands during the week, which eventually became the weekend, which eventually became forever… Aryan & I both love it there, because he could leave without feeling immense guilt & I could live my life without resenting my child.
  • Aryan’s still working as a consultant, and I am working at my family’s business part time, which has been great life balance, while my Mom and/or a nanny watches Noah during the day.
  • I got pregnant again! We can all thank Aryan for pushing this on a mom who wasn’t necessarily ready to stop drinking…. but I am so grateful and excited for this next chapter of our life.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 4.24.45 PM.png


That’s about where we are at! It is so funny writing that out because so much life has actually happened, but that list makes it seem so simple…

We have absolutely no idea what the future holds, but we are both just very content (although Aryan & I would love to be in the same city 24/7). I have learned to really live in the moment and enjoy these days, because they are fleeting, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of changes coming up in the next year. I can’t wait to share these life updates with yall (1->2 kids, potential home buying, etc.) and bring yall along for the ride.



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