new england fall foliage

New England Fall Foliage

Happy October!!!

Before I moved to Boston 2 years ago, I didn’t know what Fall was. Growing up in Houston, the season sort of went like this: summer -> less intense summer -> one day of ice -> summer. Then after one month into our move, Aryan & I headed to a farm to go apple-picking where I saw my first signs of Fall. And y’all… I CRIED! Legit tears fell down my face- it was SO freaking pretty. Let’s not talk about the fact that there were 3 friends/people-I-just-met in the car with us.

I fell in love with the season, the colors, the crisp air, & the apple cider donuts. It is really the only thing Boston brought to the table that year (JK- but really it was snow-storm central that year).

A few of my favorite spots to see the Fall foliage were around Charles River & Cambridge in Boston, the road to Stowe, Vermont, of course on the way to apple picking, & lastly, my personal favorite, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Not joking about the last one- there were literally people taking family photos, because it’s SO dang pretty.

Charles River & Cambridge:

Road to Vermont:

Apple picking at Applecrest Farm Orchard:

Mt. Auburn Cemetery:

Where are your favorite places to see Fall foliage?



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