san francisco flower mart

I remember people telling me about the SF Flower Mart years ago, & I immediately put it on my bucket list. Once I moved to San Francisco, I had this image of going to the market every week to stock up on flowers & make arrangements for my home. I quickly realized I have NO idea how to make flower arrangements & that would be a pricey endeavor, & just like that- my dream vanished. Alas, I finally made the trip to the Flower Market & it did not disappoint.

For those who are like- what the heck is a flower mart?- The “SFFM is one of only five grower-owned wholesale flower market in the U.S..” IDK guys… it is just a lot of pretty flowers of every size, color, shape, & the accessories that come with it.

I highly recommend a trip to the SFFM for:

  • stocking up on flowers for your home or for a party
  • buying a unique bouquet for your loved one
  • decorating your outdoor space with succulents
  • hosting a how-to flower arrangement party
  • getting inspired by the different shapes, colors, and beauty

Outfit details: Vince white tank top, similar J Crew navy blazer, dark-wash Madewell jeans, Sam Edelman flat ankle boots

Where do you go in your hometown to get inspired?



3 thoughts on “san francisco flower mart

  1. I love everything about this post!!! The flowers are gorgy and so are you! LOVE the outfit!


  2. Love it!! I’m also terrible at arranging flowers but always have grand ideas in my head.


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