moving struggles & decoration inspiration

The struggle is real… I am in the middle of a move & it has taken up so much of my time, which is why I have been so MIA to the world/this blog. We left Boston in May, traveled throughout the summer, & arrived to our new home, San Francisco mid-August. To say that it has been a roller-coaster would be an understatement… I have laughed, cried, screamed, & mostly cried. 

I know many of you have gone through the struggle of moving, so I wanted to share my insights on how to deal with a big move & some of my current interior inspo! 

How to deal with moving:

  1. Pack anything that is very important to you, yourself. My (new) rule of thumb- Your favorite pieces WILL get broken during the move, unless you pack it yourself. 

  2. Take breaks while unpacking… The excitement of your new city will eventually wear away, so take the opportunity while it is still there to go for a stroll or go explore to take a break. The fresh air helps!

  3. Always throw away anything you do not need/want (such as boxes& bubble wrap & old clothes)… Like constantly. The less you see, the less stressed out you will be. 

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY- Realize that things are just things, everything will be OK, & life will all eventually come together. Is it just me that needed that reminder? I sometimes just wish things would look perfect after unpacking for a week, but I have to realize that there are many touches, that may take months, that make your place a home. Also, I had a huge realization that there are so many much more important things going on in the world, so a broken chair should not be as important to me as my health & happiness. 

Now on to the fun part… 

Apartment decor inspiration:

I am super inspired by minimalist, neutral decoration lately. I love the idea of a simple bedroom/living room that is spruced up by plants, art walls, & touches of color. Below are just a few things that I have pinned on my Pinterest board that are helping me decorate my new place. I was also super inspired by one of my friend’s blog post on CB2 & literally went straight to the store in Emeryville after I read it.  

What are you inspirations? Share your Pinterest board with me… I would love to see! 

If you are moving, God speed! If you aren’t, please take me out for a glass of wine… I probably need it! 



2 thoughts on “moving struggles & decoration inspiration

  1. Where can I find that chunky knit blanket in your inspo pics?!?! LOVE IT. Also, great advice for a move.


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