friday summer favorites

Summer is the best season! I love the feeling of the warm sun, non-stop ice cream to beat the heat, & the cute accessories that come along with it.

Below are some of my favorite summer accessories that I use DAILY. To my male readers, I have linked the items for men as well, so you aren’t getting out of this one!

  • This Corkcicle canteen is the best of them all (literally I have tried most)! I take mine to hot yoga & the water is still freezing cold the next day. I have the 25 oz. turquoise canteen (fits 1 wine bottle for reference), but the 60 oz. matte black (with my initials) is on my wish list, especially since the 60 oz. fits two wine bottles as you can see below bc duh!
  • I don’t travel anywhere without my panama hat. This hat protects me from sun damage, is so cheap ($15), & is really cute. Men’s version here
  • I have to admit something… I am not a big fan of flip-flops. Something about toes & the sound the shoes make really gives me the heeby-jeebys. Weird, I know. Anyways… When I was looking for the perfect shoes for our EuroTrip, these Soludos immediately caught my attention. They were the perfect shoes for both day & night, & they even got me up the treacherous steps of Oia in Santorini. I have the metallic gold, which I LOVE, but these avocado slippers have been on my wish list for some time now. I am hoping Aryan is currently putting them in the shopping cart as he reads this….. Ok, fine. Mom? Men’s version here
  • This is boring, but this moisturizer is great. It is great for sensitive skin, it moisturizes without leaving you oily, & it has SPF. To be honest, I was never an avid SPF putter-onner until I found this one. For my men readers, you should be moisturizing & using SPF too!

  • Lastly, my Ray-Ban folding, polarized sunglasses. Are you sensing a sun-protection theme here? Sun protection does not have to be lame, people! It can be super chic too. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten on these bad boys. My sister, mother, & I all got matching glasses in different colors, because they were just too good. ALSO… they are unisex, & have more masculine colors if you so choose.  

You can go tackle that Summer heat now that you are well-protected & look great. 

Leave a comment & let me know your summer essentials!





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2 thoughts on “friday summer favorites

  1. Are the soludas comfy for walking?? Do I need to break them in? Should I order a pair now for italy?


    1. They are actually great for walking. I walked up all the steps in Santorini with them, and I was totally fine. i will say that they are similar to TOMS, but have more structure. No need to break them in (for the gold pair that I bought). I would definitely order a pair!


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