best gelatos in italy

Ok… Here it is people. The moment you have all been waiting for: THE GELATO ROUNDUP (no? just me). Either way, I am super excited to share this with you! There is not much I love more than good ice cream (S.O. to my father for the sweet tooth & inevitable diabetes). I kid you not, I had gelato almost every day of our month long trip to give you the best list possible. I did a lot of research, had a lot of tummy aches, made my travel companions wait in too many lines, and whined a lot until I got my gelato of choice. I HAVE NO REGRETS!

no joke- my dad & i are eating ice cream sundaes as i write this post (sincerest apologies about the horrendous photo)
no joke- my dad & i are eating ice cream sundaes as i write this post (sincerest apologies about the horrendous photo)

Obviously, I did not travel to every city in Italy, so this is just the list based on cities that I hit. If you find yourself in any of these cities, I hope you can use this list as a helpful guide:

Preface: I am lactose intolerant, so I tried to stick to dairy-free flavors (namely dark chocolate & raspberry) whenever I could. However, at some gelaterias, I couldn’t control myself & got some dairy flavors. That is why you will see my go-to flavor choice of dark chocolate & raspberry in most photos.

  • Favorite:
    • Gelateria Edoardo in Florence (S.O. to What’s Gaby Cooking for directing us in the right direction)
      • The line is long & slow, but it is SO worth it, since they are hand-making each waffle fresh behind the counter (make sure you take a number!)
      • The cinnamon flavor was out of this world!
  • Consistently delicious & chains throughout Europe:
  • Favorite unique flavor:
    • The honey gelato from San Crispino in Rome converted Aryan. I never thought I would see the day he swooned over a sweet.
  • Others favorites:
    • La Carraia in Florence
      • Nutella + yogurt is a really interesting; so many good flavors here
    • Gelato in Rome @ Gelateria dei Gracchi
      • Really flavorful, like REALLY. If you get the apple flavor, you will basically be eating an apple. 
    • Gelato in Rome @ Giolitti Gelateria
      • This gelateria has been around for a century & for good reason. 
  • Greece:
    • Ok, so maybe this doesn’t belong here… Let’s just let it slide. If you are craving ice cream in Greece, be sure it hit up the local frozen Greek yogurt spots with honey, Oreo, & strawberry mix-ins
so much work goes into every scoop at edoardo 
so much work goes into every scoop at edoardo 
cheers-ing at dei gracchi
cheers-ing at dei gracchi
nameless gelato in varenna
nameless gelato in varenna
i know this doesn't belong, but you drooled anyways, didn't you?
i know this doesn’t belong, but you drooled anyways, didn’t you?

I hope this guide brings you as much happiness as it does to me. 






2 thoughts on “best gelatos in italy

  1. How could you not drop the recc for getting cinnamon at Edoardo 😛 and also people, take a number 🙂


    1. Haha I totally meant to recommend cinnamon from Edoardo. Totally adding that and the number rec!


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