friday travel favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Packing for a trip, whether it is a 3-day or a 30-day one, can be super stressful. I have a few must have travel items + a few on my wishlist that I thought I would share!


Face Refresher: 

  • Every morning, there are two things that have to be done before exploring the city. First, I have to have my coffee (just a cup…or two… ok, fine, three). Second, I have to spray on this facial spray. It not only helps me hydrate my skin for the day, but it also helps wake me up. Aryan will hate me for this, but he had quite the obsession himself!

Everyday Travel Bag:

  • Aryan claims that this bag is the best purchase I have ever made, and I can’t help but agree. The fact that it expands is life-changing, especially when you are going on a month-long trip & return home with more than you planned to bring back :). 

Summer Staple:

  • Drooling over this one-piece bathing suit by Mara Hoffman. I am all about comfortable apparel, so this is the perfect swimsuit to just throw on with shorts & flip flops when heading out for the day. This is ALSO on sale! I have it in black (see below), & wear it on non-pool days as well.


Sleeping Comfortably: 

  • This pillowcase is currently on sale at Nordstrom. My face tends to go crazy when I am traveling, so hopefully this pillowcase will be a game-changer. 

Favorite Sneaks: 

  • I have an obsession with white sneakers right now… I currently have 3 (they go with almost everything, & they’re super comfortable)! This one seems like a great add to the family, especially since it’s also on sale. I love my current ones though in all-white, because I can do a light work out in them, as well as match it with almost any outfit (aka- one less shoe to pack).  


this is me with an all-black version of the Mara swimsuit paired with a white skirt. obsessed!
this is me with an all-black version of the Mara swimsuit paired with a white skirt. obsessed!

Have a lovely weekend!




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