Greece has always been something of a dream to me. I’ve dreamt of going since watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Oh, really? That isn’t why you’ve always wanted to go? Liar! 

Aryan & I both quickly agreed that Greece was the highest on our bucket list for Europe, so we got to planning. We decided Santorini would be our first stop.

We split Santorini up into 2 parts. First, we stayed in Kamari & then we stayed in Fira (S.O. to Leila for the splitting up suggestion). I would highly recommend checking out the 2 sides of the island, because they are SO different. If we could do it over, we would keep Kamari on the itinerary & add Oia instead of Fira. Fira is very central & accessible, but it doesn’t have as much charm as Oia does. However, Fira has delicious restaurants & is much more affordable for those interested in those aspects. 

The food in Greece was so freaking good. We quickly decided we would eat at last one gyro a day & that we did. No regrets! 

Santorini was romantic & beautiful, so I will let the pictures do all the talking (OK, not true, I have a lot to say)…  

kamari volcanic black sand beach (wear water shoes!)
kamari volcanic black sand beach (wear water shoes!)

walk down to ammoudi bay:

what to eat/drink: 

  • In Kamari
    • Grill House George 2
      • Best gyros nearby (potentially best chicken ones in Santorini) 
    • Captains Corner Tavern
      • MUST get the eggplant dish (called Gondola) — one of the BEST dishes I’ve ever had. I don’t think I can live without having this one more time, so I will try and recreate for yall!
    • There’s a smoothie shop/outdoor cafe on the beach on near Chez Sophie
      • Great beet and ginger smoothie
    • Metaxi Mas
      • Best dinner in Santorini in our opinion
      • Get the baked feta in phyllo with honey (BEST IN THE ISLAND), lamb with yogurt (bomb), sea bream with butternut squash and chive potatoes
grill house george 2- what a name, am i right?
grill house george 2- what a name, am i right?
happiness is finding the dish of your dreams- gondola from captains corner
happiness is finding the dish of your dreams- gondola from captains corner
greek coffee + smoothies on the beach
greek coffee + smoothies on the beach
  • In Oia- 
    • Katina on Ammoudi  
      • Great for lunch
      • Fresh fish, you pick which one you want them to cook for you
    • Post-hike back up to Oia, get drinks at Crazy Donkey Brewing Company
      • Trust me, you will need it after that walk back up!
fresh seafood from katina
fresh seafood from katina


  • In Fira- 
    • Lucky Souvlaki
      • Exceptional pork gyro (Aryan’s favorite, since I don’t eat pork) 
    • Argo Restaurant for sunset dinner
      • Great view (make sure you ask your hotel to call & ask for the best view because it fills up) 
      • Get the seabass gyro – delicious
      • House wine is also great (my kind of full pours…)
    • Two Brothers Bar
      • Head shot (you take a shot, and they hit you on the head with a bat), if you are into that haha 
gyros at lucky's
gyros at lucky’s

argo for a great sunset view in fira + amazing sea bass tacos

ugly truth: 

  • Ammoudi Bay is one of those can’t live with, can’t live without places. It is a place I will never forget for 2 reasons:  1. It was the coolest “hikes” I have ever done with the best view of Oia 2. Donkey shit. A lot of it. It is one thing climbing up 300 flights of stairs in the heat, and another climbing it in heat & donkey poop.
    • Shushu’s tip: wear tennis shoes that you don’t really care about or that can be washed & pack flip flops/water shoes because the volcanic rock hurts real bad. 
  • Cabs are pretty unavailable & pricey
    • Shushu’s tip: take the bus to get from town to town & set up smaller trips (such as dinner) with your hotel or AirBnB host. We made sure to stay close to the bus stop, which was easier for us. Also, if you don’t stay in Oia, but you go to see the sunset, make sure you check out the latest bus schedules, because they are all very full. 
  • There is a lot of walking in the heat (depending on what time of year you go)
    • Shushu’s tip: pack your hat and sunscreen- they will be your best friends

I will leave you with one of the best sunsets in the world in Oia… 




9 thoughts on “santorini

  1. Amanda Sorenson July 19, 2016 — 6:06 pm

    Yesss! Love the tips, thanks for sharing lady! Can’t wait to head to Greece in a few short days!xo Amanda


  2. Yay for the S.O.! But wait I just checked my email and i definitely said to avoid staying in Fira, only 1/2 day needed. And SO glad you went to Metaxi mas, loved that place!


    1. I meant the suggestion to stay in Kamari! I am so mad we didn’t listen to your rec to not stay in Fira. However, Fira airbnbs fit our budget more.


  3. Just when I’d stopped craving pork gyros…


    1. Aryan & I got gyros again in SF bc we were craving them so bad again but it wasn’t the same AT ALL!


  4. Ahhh Oia is my favorite place in the whole entire world! Mark and I studied abroad in Greece and spent a few days in Santorini. You can’t beat walking through the charming, winding streets in Oia and then seeing the sunset with windmills on the horizon. Take me back!


    1. I remember when yall studied abroad there! I literally would see pictures and tell myself that I must take a trip there. I was totally inspired by your photos. Let’s go back together!


  5. I literally want to go to eat my way through Santorini!


    1. You must! We didn’t think the food would be good, so we were so pleasantly surprised


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