My summer adventure all started after one of my closest friends and my college roomie, Kelly, chose Juan Les Pins in the South of France as her wedding destination. With Aryan (my husband) finishing up school in Boston, this was the perfect opportunity to go on a Eurotrip before he starts work in San Francisco & before I have to start job searching (gives me SO much anxiety just typing that).

After packing up our house for what felt like 10 years, Aryan & I threw away our last trash bag, kissed our families goodbye, & headed to the Boston airport to start our adventure. During our 6 hour layover & a few glasses of (free) wine later (S.O. to Aryan’s dad for the United Club passes), I decided to start documenting our journey- mostly because I have the worst memory & wanted to be able to look back on it. That is only a slight exaggeration as most of my friends will tell you I really have the worst memory. However, I really also love travel & love food & love love, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share 3 of my great loves with you.

Before you & I get more serious into our relationship here though, I probably should be honest with you… I am not into touristy sights. I totally understand that if I am flying to Athens & don’t see the Acropolis or go to Rome & don’t see the Coliseum, then I am the world’s dumbest traveler. That being said, I never fully enjoy these sights as much as I do getting lost in a city, running into a local & asking them their favorite parts of their city, and doing/eating as they do/eat. So on this blog, you will likely find that I recommend things that you might not find on TripAdvisor, namely, getting lost in cities and hitting up the local markets. If that is cool with you, then let’s proceed with this love affair!

First stop… Paris- the perfect combination of all 3.


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  1. I’m loving the blog! I’ll second that about your memory! and now i can follow your adventures as well as your mother! lol


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